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Exam Techniques, Tips and TricksRosmini Academic Profile

Part A) Preparing for an Exam

1) Revise actively.

2) Plan revision.

3) Do past papers – as many as you can lay your hands on.


4) Question-spotting.

5) If you can’t do the past papers – ask someone for help.

6) If you just can’t understand something, learn it parrot-fashion.


Part B) The Last 24 Hours

7) Don’t be tired.

8) Eat protein before long exams – not carbohydrates.

9) Get the important facts into short-term memory.

10) Exercise - get the blood pumping round.

Part C) The Exam Itself

11) Planning your campaign

12) Read instructions carefully
13)Read all questions
14) Read questions again, this time mark easy questions
15)Start doing your exam