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Rosmini Nationalwise and Regionalwise academic ranking 2016

There is great interest in education in Tanzania these days. Parents, guardians all want their children to succeed in their academic studies and thus they search eagerly for a school which is best for their child. Rosmini High School in Tanga Region is a family school where students feel at

home in a comfortable safe environment. On arrival first year students are given a warm welcome and all efforts are made by teachers and auxiliary staff to help them settle in their new environment.

Rosmini High is well known for its high academic results.  In the last ten years it has been numbered among the top ten schools in Tanzania in its Form IV results on three occasions. Many times it has ranked number one in the Northern Zone Region for its Form II results.  All Form VI leavers in 2013 gained sufficient credits for admittance to University and third level institutions.  The subjects offered for A level is comprehensive and meets the needs of the challenges of today especially in the fields of science and commerce.  The secret of our success in academic results is that there is a great working relationship between teachers and students and also between teachers and management.  Incentives to students and staff to do well academically has paid dividends.  Our Founder Antonio Rosmini, who was a well know educationalist placed strong emphasis of the whole person, academically, socially, spiritually and physically.  We endeavor to pass this charism on to the students.  We are privileged to have two churches of different denominations and a mosque at our door step so that all feel free to worship in their own way.  The students are very active in a wide range of games and sports and have proved themselves in District and Regional competitions.  Our newly fenced and constructed football grounds will be a huge boost to the sporting activities of the school.  Parents look forward to being entertained by drama, music and dance performed by their children on such occasions as Parent’s Day and Graduation day.

Care of the environment is high on our agenda especially tree planting, care of the grounds and the use of solar energy.  We are blessed with a very regular supply of electricity and an abundance of water from our new bore hole.  The school has entered into essay writing and debating competitions with other schools in the country and we have come away with some very valuable prizes for the school.

Rosmini  High is a relatively new school wherein the last ten years new classrooms, science laboratories, dormitories, dining hall, school hall and other  buildings have all been constructed to modern day educational needs.  Finally we have a Child Protection Policy in the school whereby we create a child safe and friendly environment.  There is zero tolerance to bullying.  For the above reasons we believe Rosmini High is the best place for your child’s education.