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Rosmini Secondary School is blessed to have variety of enough facilities to accommodate the whole community of Rosmini plus the incoming visitors. The school has the dormitory environment for students at all levels. Currently the school has a

total of ten blocks flats for both boys and girls dormitories; each block is three storey high, well furnished and equipped for students and the care staff. There are 4 block flats in the girl’s dormitory with 2 ablution blocks and a laundry, while in the boy’s dormitory there are 6 blocks flats which also have 2 ablution blocks and a laundry. The ablution blocks contain a total number of 12 toilets and 12 bathrooms for each block which are well supplied with water facilities.

Even so, the school has considered the cleanliness and smartness of the students and thus provided a large enough laundry  with both washing and ironing facilities giving a chance for students to appear smart at all times.

The dormitories have a wide and large area where students can relax and study according to their preferences, most especially during the weekends. This helps the students to freshen up well and look forward to another bright day of the week.

Dining Hall: Among the necessities of living things, food is among them. Knowing this, it is quite necessary to have your food in a nice and conducive environment. Thus Rosmini offers the students an environment to have their meals in peace. 

The school dining hall is a complete dining hall with kitchens and stores housed in the front part of the dining hall. It carries a number of 85 tables each having two benches, thus capable to accommodate all the students at once.

There is an English saying that says work hard, play hard. Rosmini has been able to understand the importance of this and thus provided two TV sets with fully yearly paid DSTV decoders that are situated in the dining hall. The TVs are used mainly during the evening meals and on Saturday nights during the TV session.

Above all, the school ensures that the students get a balanced diet by providing variety of foods such as ugali, rice, beans, vegetables, chicken and fruits, just to mention a few. Thus one has not to worry about his/her Childs food hygiene.

 Laboratories: Our school is delighted to have a well sophisticated science field that impacts good knowledge for the science takers. This has been enabled by the presence of science laboratories for both O-level and A-levels. These labs are equipped with many apparatuses and enough chemicals to conduct experiments in the all the major science subjects that is physics, chemistry and biology, at any time when needed.

None the less, the school is widely aware of the vast increase in technology globally, therefore it has also been able to have a well equipped computer lab which is managed by the IT group. This lab can accommodate a total of 25 students each with his/her own computer at a time. However this computer lab is supplied with a fast internet service which can be used by both teachers and students for academic search purposes.

Library: As we all know, a student won’t be complete without the supply of books, thus the school owns a library within the school premise which is furnished with enough tables and chairs to sustain the students in use. Also the library has a variety number of books in all categories such as, class text books of all subjects, historical books, and spiritual books like bibles, novels, story books and magazines. All the ongoing activities within the library are under three trained librarians. With all these, a student is sure to get all the materials required and hence make studying a bit easier.

Play Grounds: Sports is considered to be of great significance to any individual, by so saying, the school has constructed play grounds within the school premises to allow a variety of games and sports. The play grounds contain a standard football pitch, a new basketball court, volleyball ground and a new netball ground which is still under construction.

he grounds are large enough to allow a variety of other games to be played like marathon, and also for spectators to watch the ongoing games.

Moreover, the school allows us to have interschool sports competitions which are done on the same school playgrounds, thus allow our players to be experienced and also create friendship with the neighboring schools.

Due to the presence of playgrounds, it has helped the students to be highly effective to various games and also create competent players that are quite able to represent the school on the upcoming UMISETA competitions.

Cookery: Among one of the great dreams of our late Mwalimu Nyerere, was to have a practical oriented education that would allow students to be competent after completing their studies. Our school has been able to implement this by providing the cookery field to its students, most especially O-levels.

The school has a cookery room which facilitates the practical study of the course. The room is furnished with 3 electric cookers, 4 charcoal stoves, 2 gas cookers, 2 microwaves, 1 oven, and 1 fridge, cooking and cleaning utensils plus variety of cooking ingredients. 

This room can carry 6 groups of students during the normal class sessions and during the exams, the cookery room can only accommodate six students each with their own apparatus. The meals made are later on sold to other students and this is done for the prime aim of raising funds for the group’s activities. 

The education impacted to the students by their trainees is quite sophisticated and this is evident in the last year’s form four national examinations, where by the cookery subject passed with a B grade.

Transport: For any development to occur within a society, a good transport system is inevitable. The school has ensured this by providing a school bus which is used by teachers for transportation and sometimes the same bus is used by students during the study tours.

The transport system has various significances in our school like helping teachers to move from their residences to the school less costly and on time. It also reduces the cost of transportation during the study tours.

Shop: Also the school has a shop that sells variety of commodities to the students and the staff. The shop gives a supply of domestic materials like soaps, stationeries, and junk foods such as juice, soda, chocolate, biscuits and the like.

The shop services are available during the evenings in weekdays thus allowing the students to have ample time in their studies during the day, and on weekends the shop is always open.

Main Hall: Above all, the school owns a large hall that is used for various functions such as school meetings, interviews and mass worships. This has helped the school to conduct other activities in the hall without interfering with the school routine or schedules.

The main hall is large enough to carry all students on their seats with no worry of the temperature due to the availability of fans fitted within the hall. 

Dispensary: The health and welfare of any rosminian is among the priorities of our school. The school dispensary ensures that the health of all students and members of staff is well taken off. We have a well experienced doctor that writes and prescribes all the necessary medical treatments of a patient. The doctor is assisted by two qualified nurses that are present within the school compound that are present throughout the day. 

The dispensary is equipped with all type of medicines that are required for fast treatments of common diseases such as headaches, malaria and the like. In case of serious diseases, the school dispensary recommends the patient to the regional hospital for more medical assistance. Thus, the school makes the students welfare its concern throughout the students stay.