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Rosmini Secondary School is a core Boarding School situated in Tanga Municipality 12 kilometers from Tanga town along the Dar Es salaam road. Initially the School was known as Saruji Secondary School and the premises were belonged to Tanga Cement Company. It has acreage of 27 acres covered by all green good landscapes of grass, coconut, mango trees and other vegetations.Neighbours include TPDF Army barracks as Tanzania Peoples’ Defense Force, the livestock Research Institute, Tanga Fresh Milk Industry and Tanga Airport. It is one of the few Boys and Girls  schools in the country.

It was registered on 25th September 2001.

On 1st January 2000 the Rosminian Fathers took on the management and administration of the Secondary school. This was the result of consultation with the Bishop and the previous owners, Tanga Cement and the Rosminians Provincial Council. The council decided that the school would fit into our Chartism of Education. The school at the time was single streamed educational and day school. There were 106 students. Today there are about 700 students. Examination results were poor and academic performance was below average. The classrooms, buildings, grounds, in fact the whole environment had being neglected but more worrying was the fact that staff morale was very low and parents expectations were not met.

The improvement of academic results has been a priority since those first few years. In 2000 the average mark of the students in Form II was 34 points and the O-level results were Division IV. However, by 2005 these results had jumped to an average of 79 in Form II and Form IV had achieved Division II status. Since then the school has gradually moved to the top ten in the whole country. It has held this position on two occasions and the average was Division I on two successive years. We have achieved this by recruitment of good teachers, offering benefits and bonuses, remedial classes and very hard work on behalf of all staff members.

Another factor in our success of academic achievement was the fact that we had provided hostel accommodations for all girls and boys. This was courtesy of the 8 blocks of flats donated by Tanga Cement. Major work was undertaken to utilize 3 of these for the girls. It was decided that we should make this facility for the girls first as they often were overburdened with tasks at home and were not given sufficient time for their studies. Because of the positive impact on the girl’s performance we later rehabilated 5 blocks of flats for boys. This work necessitated the provision of extra washing and toilet facilities. The school continued to improve the facilities for both staff and students, e.g. by the provision of a generator and also solar energy to overcome the power cuts. Students were eating under the trees so a dining hall was added complete with kitchens and stores. Text books and study materials and transport for students and teachers were provided to help in our upward mobility. These various facilities were supplied by our benefactors. The Rosminians made a great sacrifice in buying five teachers houses for accommodation near the school campus.  

We felt we were then at a cross roads to take a decision for the future. A need analysis was made to whether we consolidate our good position, open double stream or begin A-level education. All stake holders were in favor of opening a double stream as at that stage the Government was urging all sectors to provide extra access for more secondary school students across the board. This was the main reason why we then opted for double stream. Then after four years we were ready to open the school to A-level students in response to demand from parents and the Government recruitment for more A-level schools. The non-government school owners were asked by the President himself to help the Government to provide A-level access. Now the School has managed to enroll A- Level Students with Arts and Science Combinations

StaffingThe school is among few schools in the country which champion provision of quality education to learners hence ensures the teaching of computer studies is taken on board. Students now have access to internet services for broader leaning. They are able to consult encyclopedia online through the Encarta program.

The management make work easier for teachers by enabling them to use overhead projectors and transparencies in the teaching/ learning process. This will also be a contribution towards the health care of both teachers and learners because they will no longer be subjected to inhaling the dust from chalk